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It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things our partner does wrong, or that we don’t like about them. How about all the good things they do? What about all the light they add to our lives on a daily basis? Sometimes we just need a little reminder that our partner is a separate individual from ourselves. We get caught up in believing that our partner owes us something or that they should have the same beliefs, values and priorities as us.

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What about accepting that they are different from us, that their beliefs will not always be in alignment with what we believe as truth?

There are a couple common denominators that seem to be sneaking their way in between partners and causing their partnership to take a turn for the worse.

1) Not Seeing Eye To Eye

2) Lack Of Balance

3) Unrealistic Expectations

4) You Haven’t Made Your Own Agreements

5) You Haven’t Accepted Other Perspectives

Here is a short 3 minute video with some tips and tools that will shine some light on your relationship. For more information on these subjects check out the full article HERE.

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