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For many of us, myself included, hair loss can be one of the most challenging experiences and blows to our self-confidence. I’ll never forget the day that one of my friends pointed out to me that the hair on the top of my head was beginning to thin. I was already aware that my hairline was receding, but I always thought that I was safely several years away from anything happening on the top of my head.

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In a self-conscious panic I quickly turned to any and all remedies I could get my hands on. First, I turned to some multi-vitamins designed to load my body with all of the biotin -a coenzyme often correlated with preventing hair loss -that it could possibly want in a day. Not only were the pills massive to swallow (3 times daily), but they also quickly presented a number of unwanted side effects that very quickly turned me away from them.

Second, I turned to some scalp therapy oils that I would apply to my head weekly and let sit for an hour under a heat cap. Aside from feeling like a complete idiot while I did this, again enough side effects became apparent that I quickly stopped -not to mention that I was never a fan of the oils containing parabens (read more about the dangers of parabens HERE).

With both of the unnatural remedies behind me, I now share with you a list of more natural remedies for you to consider, whether you are male or female and no matter what stage of hair loss you are experiencing. The list is made up of remedies from my own experience and from a list I came across on Health Digezt. Please be sure to consult with a health care professional before embarking on any of these alternatives.

1. Come To Peace With Losing Your Hair

This probably sounds both counterproductive and fluffy, but I put it as number one on this list because I have found that in my own experience it has certainly played the biggest role. I am a strong believer that our state of consciousness plays a big role in our human experience (read more about that HERE) and when it comes to hair loss, coming to peace with it happening can be one of the best remedies in preventing it. Think about it this way: the more you fear or panic about your hair condition the more stressful an environment you create for it to operate within, that certainly sounds a lot more likely to lead to increased hair loss than a relaxed and peaceful state of being would.

2. Massage Your Scalp

Both in the shower and even when relaxing on the couch don’t be afraid to massage your scalp -which in turn stimulates both the hair follicles and blood flow to the area. If you do choose to use an oil for the massage be sure to do your research and avoid any that have any of the chemicals in our list of 17 Chemicals To Avoid In Cosmetics.

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3. Choose Your Shampoo & Conditioner Wisely

Considering that most of us wash our hair at least every other day -if not every day -it can be critically important to choose a shampoo and conditioner that strengthen your hair rather than contribute to the issue at hand. The best way to do this is to make an informed decision, with our list of ’17 Chemicals To Avoid’ being a great reference resource as you go through all of the options. For the past year I have used MillCreek Biotene H-24 Shampoo and have been very happy with results so far. It hasn’t been harsh on my scalp at all and I’m sure has played a role in helping me not see any increased hair loss over that time.

4. Incorporate Some Healthy Juices Into Your Diet

Our diet in general I’ve found can play a pretty integral role in hair loss, as I personally have seen my condition not worsen at all over the past year -which also happens to be the same approximate time frame that I have become even more strictly health conscious. Rather than focus on that, since I cannot guarantee its correlation or validity, I instead suggest looking into incorporating a healthy juice into your regular life. Juices that feature organic wheatgrass and aloe vera are believed to be helpful in providing your hair with the nutrients it needs to stay on your head. Do some research and see what creative juices you can come across to help combat hair loss all while keeping you healthy.

5. Consider Adding Spirulina To Your Vitamin Mix

Of all the vitamin based remedies I have tried, the one that I have stuck with throughout is spirulina. I originally was presented with the idea by a health care practitioner who determined that it would be best suited for my body given my hair related circumstance. A little research quickly shows that spirulina has been connected to increasing protein levels and boosting your vitamin E levels, both of which are great for hair growth.

For more potential natural remedies, be sure to check out the list put together by Health Digezt HERE.

Please be sure to share any of your own remedies or experiences via the comment section below.


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