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Alternative energy sources are a regularly occurring subject here at Collective Evolution and for good reason, the vast majority of us have awoken to the reality that we cannot continue to power our lives with the traditional methods we currently rely upon. It certainly seems as if a new energy revolution is on its way, and three major corporations have introduced a unique way to help it along.

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Cisco Systems, 3M and Kimberly Clark have all announced that they will give their employees the opportunity to buy or lease solar panels to help power their homes at a substantially discounted rate. (1) The opportunity is considered an employee benefit, and definitely stands out from any of the traditional benefits we have grown to expect from employers.

Breaking Down The Benefit

The benefit is formally referred to as the Solar Community Initiative and will offer a flat rate that is on average 35% lower than the national average and 50% less expensive than average electric utility rates. (1) Solar power continues to garner substantial recognition both as a viable alternative energy source and as a part of some incredible innovations -find out more about some of these innovations via any of the following links:

Solar Roadways
IBM Solar Collector
The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant
The First Floating Solar Field Launched In UK

The most commonly recognized knock against the transition to solar energy is its cost and therefore impracticality for the average consumer. This initiative helps to bring us closer to shattering that reality, with more than 100,000 employees being given access to this more affordable alternative through this trifecta announcement alone. In addition to employees, both family and friends to an employee will be given options to opt into the alternative in both Canada and the United States. (1)

Tracking The Solar Movement

Overall, solar power continues to be one of the most rapidly growing alternative energy solutions. At the end of 2013, released a series of statistics to paint a better picture of just how quickly the alternative is growing. Here are a couple of the standout statistics: (you can check out the entire list on the website by clicking HERE)

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  • In 2013, a solar power system was installed on average every 4 minutes (by comparison to every 80 minutes in 2006)
  • By the end of 2015 the global solar capacity is expected to exceed an impressive 200 GW

A Step In The Right Direction

Solar power is one of the many alternative solutions worth exploring both individually and on a collective scale, many of which are not widely recognized -specifically those within the realm of free energy. (Learn More) It’s great to see these 3 corporations step up and help to move alternative energy forward. Hopefully their actions will inspire other companies to follow suit, and make this as common of an employee benefit as vacation time.

If you are a part of the working world, be sure to share this with your co-workers. No matter the size of the company that you work for or what level of the organization you work within, you never know what awareness can lead to and whose hands the information may land within. We can all do our part in helping us collectively move more quickly forward to the energy related changes we inevitably need to make.


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