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Homelessness is an evidently apparent issue in cities all over the world. As I recently shared in another article I wrote on the subject according to the Covenant House -Canada’s largest homeless youth agency -there are at least 10,000 young adults homeless during a given year in the city of Toronto alone, with an estimated 30,000 Canadians being homeless every night.

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In an effort to help those in need, several individuals and groups have stepped up to assist the homeless and spread awareness of how easy it is for us all to be a part in creating lasting change. The common message of all three videos: to remember that we are all human, we all love connection, interaction and a helping hand and often it’s the time we can all offer that carries a lot more value than a handful of spare change.

Video #1: Narayan Krishnan – A Hero With A Huge Heart

Narayan Krishnan is an award-winning Indian chef who turned his life upside down in 2002 after witnessing a distressing incident that changed his priorities in life. Since that point, Narayan has dedicated his entire life to helping the homeless in his hometown by not only feeding them but connecting and caring for them as they all deserve.

Video #2: Ock TV – A Social Experiment

The group at Ock TV recently conducted and recorded a social experiment in which they asked strangers for food. The second part of their experiment was to lovingly give some leftover pizza to a homeless individual, and moments later ask him to share some of what he was given. The end result is powerful.

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Video #3: CE – What Happened When We Went To Feed The Homeless

The final video is one that we recently released after we decided to put together some vegetarian lunches and travel to downtown Toronto to feed the homeless (Read more HERE). Initially inspired primarily by the desire to #bechange and assist those in need in our local community, the excursion ended up being a powerful experience in which we learnt what many of the homeless people truly valued more than anything.

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