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It’s community appreciation month here at CE! This means we’re going to be giving away awesome free stuff to our community all November long with the grand prize being a 64oz Vitamix blender!

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The bottom line is we are incredibly grateful for the support you have given us over the past 5 years and we really want to give back. It was always my dream to create something like CE and you helped make it a reality so it’s appreciation time!

We’ll be giving away a bunch of cool prizes every couple of days throughout the month. To name a couple: CE hoodies, over 50 CE doc DVD’s, books, CD’s and some Sacred Science DVD’s. And of course the grand prize a Vitamix blender.

How To Enter

To enter you simply click here and follow the simple steps. You can also share this meme on Facebook (if you use it) as it will give you more chances to win.

We will contact people directly when they win and we will send public updates sparingly throughout the month. We look forward to an exciting month of fun! Feel free to pass this draw onto other friends who might appreciate the chance to win.

Full Prize List & Draw Dates

Nov 2: (10x) CE Doc Trilogy’s
Nov 4: (1x) CE Hoody + CE Mug + CE3 DVD
Nov 6: (10x) ‘CE3: The Shift’ Doc DVD
Nov 8: (3x) ‘The Sacred Science‘ DVD
Nov 10: (5x) CE Doc Trilogy’s
Nov 12: (2x) CE Hoody
Nov 14: (3x) ‘Rise’ & ‘Listen’ by Anthony Tilotta CD‘s
Nov 16: (1x) CE Hoody + CE3 DVD + CE Mug
Nov 18: (10x) ‘CE3: The Shift’ Doc DVD
Nov 20: (3x) ‘Infinite Kingdom’ by Danielle Fagan
Nov 22: (2x) CE Hoody + CE3 DVD
Nov 24: (2x) ‘The Sacred Science’ DVD
Nov 26: (3x) CE Doc Trilogy’s + CE Mug
Nov 28: (3x) CE Hoody
Nov 30: (1x) 64oz Vitamix Blender + CE3 DVD

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