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The younger generations of our world are coming with important messages and it’s important for us to listen. After all they are the future of our world and if we were to recognize the possibility that they are coming with a different understanding of our world, it’s possible they could contain a lot of solutions for us.

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Keep Earth Clean!

Today we have an awesome challenge from a young boy who wants to keep our earth clean. Jack and his family regularly go for walks in a forest near their house a bit outside of Toronto, Ontario. Each time Jack would see garbage thrown around the forest, he would express angry feelings about the fact others weren’t taking care. So Jack and his family decided spend a day in the forest cleaning up to not only bring cleanliness back, but also inspire others to do the same thing.

Jack has issued a challenge to all other kids, teens and adults out there. Listen up and accept his challenge!

Challenge Accepted!

We’ve decided to accept Jack’s challenge and will be going out around our neighborhood and parks/forests to help clean things up. We’ll take pictures and post them via social media to help inspire others to do the same. Why don’t you join in too? Be sure to post up some pictures and add the hashtags #CleanEarth & #YouCanToo to help spread the word.

Thanks Jack!

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Here are a few pics from Jack and his family’s clean up.


Jack & Dad cleaning up the forest!


Jack, Mom & brother with their haul.

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