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If you had the opportunity to accelerate your meditative mind to that of a monk’s within weeks, would you take it? Patrick Flanagan, author of the best selling Pyramid Power that sold over a million copies, developed a technology in 1958 that has the ability to facilitate this type of quantum leap of the mind for its user.

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The Neurophone is not a phone…it is a handheld device that emits a subtle ultrasonic frequency to create left/right brain synchronization through two transducers that are applied to the user’s forehead. Sound straight out of a Science Fiction novel? That’s because it is…

In 1911, Hugo Gernsback, often referred to as “The Father of Science Fiction”, wrote a book titled Ralph 124C 4+ in which he depicted a sleep learning device called the Hypnobioscope. Young Patrick Flanagan ran with the idea, creating the Neurophone, (Gernsback later thanked him personally for this) which can be worn while sleeping and includes an audiojack in which you may connect sound, theoretically enabling auditory learning while you are unconscious.

In his 20s, Patrick spent years experimenting with dolphin/human communication for the US Navy, in which he discovered much about dolphins ultrasonic hearing. Dolphins use an organ called a saccule to receive waves of sound. Humans also have these saccules, except they are not used to hear and thus do not get activated. The Neurophone changes this, allowing sound to travel through our piezoelectric skin and back to our ancient ears, activating a new sense of perception otherwise left unused. Check out Patrick’s interview with Deepak Chopra in which he goes into detail about his dolphin work:

Thousands have Neurophones all over the world, however now there is an opportunity to purchase one for an affordable price. Patrick Flanagan’s Indiegogo campaign was off to a remarkable start when in less than 72 hours, his initial goal of $100,000 was reached, however a smarter world is the ultimate purpose of this earth shifting project and further funds are needed for proper research and development.

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The new NEO will be a completely updated version of the previous Neurophones, including a new 21st century look and feel. While there will be an audio jack for sound of your choice, Flanagan has also built in an evolving randomized Fibonacci frequency meaning you’ll never hear the same frequency combination twice! The sound creates balance within all energy systems in the body and has shown profound results from previous Neurophone models.

For $399, you can buy a smartphone or, a device that facilitates: left/right brain cohesion, extrasensory development and enhanced meditation. Maybe it’s time to try something a bit different? Welcome to the NEO age – NEO Indiegogo.

Written By
Genevieve Munoz
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