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Don’t fear those difficult conversations that you’ve been putting off or building up in your head. Communication is key to success in all relationships. From romantic relationships to professional relationships, it is important that individuals learn to and are able to effectively communicate with each other.

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Communication is particularly important during times of conflict and stress. It will prevent or even eliminate misunderstandings which can lead to unnecessary arguments. These are the times when our personal feelings and beliefs come into play and what we say is often reflected in our feelings, insecurities and limiting beliefs. If you practice good communication skills, it will help you to resolve conflicts at a faster rate.

Sharing our thoughts allows us to express our feelings, it relieves stress, and it is important for building a bond and strengthening the relationship. More importantly, if you communicate well you’re more likely to be well-liked and respected.

Here are some practices to keep in mind when working towards improving the way you communicate.


A person’s words are a good giveaway of what they want from you. Try not to add your own interpretation of their words. Repeat what they say in your own words and see if your partner agrees with you. If your partner is communicating something to you, whether you believe it to be true or not, they believe it to be true and that needs to be respected.

Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

Often times we speak in code (often times with women) and just want our loved one to guess what we want. Sometimes we say one thing hoping our partner will know we mean another thing. Of course this leads to confusion, fights, frustration and disappointment. Be honest and direct when communicating, be sure not to come from a place of anger, you will always regret this!

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Pay Attention

When someone is trying to communicate with you, place your full attention on that person. Sometimes it’s tempting to split your attention between your partner and the television/ work/ or any other activity. It can even be tempting to just tune your partner out. This is hurtful and can cause your partner to feel insignificant to you.

Body Language

What is your body language saying? Through your body language you can convey annoyance, boredom, love, disinterest, the list goes on and on. It is best when body language matches what you are trying to say.

Watch Your Ego

We can all recall saying something only to regret it later on, usually after the heat of the moment has subsided. Words can be wounding, when communicating with your partner stay in the present moment and think about how your words will affect your partner and impact your relationship. Remember, once you say it you can’t take it back. Stay on track and don’t pull other issues into the argument.

No Right Or Wrong

Many times your discussion has nothing to do with who is right and everything to do with understanding where each of you is coming from. If there is a right or wrong, it’s important both parties accept responsibility for their own mistakes. Do not make your argument about whose mistake is bigger, or different, or worse. Concentrate on solving the issue at hand and not on who is right. Agreeing to disagree is a great practice to master.

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