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For most kids, the holiday season is synonymous with the receiving of gifts. They make wish lists, point endlessly to their favourite items on TV and wait in lengthy lines to have an opportunity to tell Santa what they hope to receive this year.

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As much as they may value the newest toy or coolest video game there seems to be something that they value at least a little bit more. Something that most of us will be pleasantly surprised to find out -especially when we discover that all it took was the right question to be asked.

Thanks to the creative work of IKEA Spain that top valued gift has been uncovered.

Find out what it is by watching Ikea’s ‘The Other Letter’:

The Gift We Can All Afford

Time truly is our greatest resource, and just as we all value it and are consistently actively seeking ways to maximize how we use it, it appears that the children of the world are looking to maximize their use of it as well. Thanks to the message shown through this video, it seems that their idea of time optimization is valuable time spent with their parents and/or guardians. It’s not to say that it completely trumps the receiving of tangible gifts, but it certainly seems to make them a lot less of the focus.

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For all the parents out there, why not challenge yourself to spend at least a bit more valuable time with your children this holiday season? If you’d like, even run them through this two letter experiment and see what they have to say. Let us know your thoughts on what you think your kids will write or what they actually write via the comment section below.

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