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As the end of 2014 draws closer, many of us find ourselves in a state of either reflection or anticipation. We reflect upon the year that was, the memorable moments, the challenging moments and the moments that seemed to fly by even quicker than they did in 2013. We anticipate the year to come, it’s an empty slate with limitless potential ready to be filled by what we choose to do. But what about the present moment?

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As of the moment that this article is originally published it is still 2014 everywhere in the world -and even if you don’t stumble upon this article until it is 2015, there is still a lesson to be had. (Especially when you discredit the significance of the calendar year, and recognize that you can give significance to any day and make it the start of your own new year) Here are three surefire ways that I believe we can all end our year on a high note:

1. Resolutions Start Right Now

Rather than living for the perpetual tomorrow, recognize that all resolutions -whether big or small -will need to start in the present. So start living your resolutions now! Looking to get in shape? Why not jump-start the intention right now and transition it from an intention to an active action. The only way a resolution is going to stick is if you show it that you are in control of it.

As you go about putting your resolutions into action, keep in mind the following two reminders: (1) All change is a process – so be sure to stick with and trust the process rather than expecting a desired end result immediately, (2) Don’t beat yourself up – we are bound to have days where we slip up (days that our mind’s are going to want to use as fuel to make us quit) recognize that those are a part of the journey and work to prevent it from happening again.

2. Don’t Let The Past Be Baggage In The Present

Every second of our past has helped to shape us into who we are today, so why not trust that in that way it will bear enough of an influence? Enough of an influence to make us not feel that we need to make so much of the past continually weigh on the present moment. This may sound harsh, but just because you may have been hurt, heartbroken or wronged in the past doesn’t justify that you as a result will forever be a victim. Even if you have that option, do you really want to be? Is it not more freeing to start anew minus the label and the history?

It’s not a matter of completely dropping what was, it’s a matter of not letting it be an obstruction or an obstacle in how you live and present yourself. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this point, trust that the experience of what was will always serve as a natural filter in future decisions, so there is no need to make it consistently apparent.

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3. Challenge Yourself To Always Be More

We’ve all heard of the infamous saying that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So rather than simply mastering what you are already comfortable with, seek to challenge yourself even further. Write down -without judgement -everything you would like to experience and/or accomplish. Once you’ve listed them, pick one or two and develop some practical ways that you can start to put them into motion, and do it.

I believe that we are all always capable of a lot more than we are currently doing, so why not challenge ourselves to delve into at least a little bit of that regularly. Don’t think small or limit yourself when putting together goals or resolutions, so much of the world tries to shrink our potential regularly, why would we want to inflict that internally upon ourselves as well?


What are some of your new years resolutions? And how do you plan on keeping them going? Let us know via the comment section below.

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