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We have all been there. Toiling through an assortment of books, websites, articles, you name it we’ve all been digging. Whether it be from conspiracy, spirituality, GMO’s, UFO’s, chem-trails, the “matrix” – anything to feed our insatiable hunger for information. Anything to find the root of that “splinter” in our minds.

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Yet what is the bottom line here? What is the actual implication to this heroic adventure we are all helping to manifest one way or another? Is it truly to simply expose corruption within this system? To debate on what issue is the most important? Are we even meant to debate at all? I feel I have a slice of this answer, and it is something truly special.

The truth is that we all know that this terrible, anti-human system is marauding us toward oblivion.

No, not really.

We are using this “system” (which doesn’t really exist) to spiral toward oblivion. We can all sit here, meander back and forth whether or not this system is “broken” or was “built this way” but those minor qualms do not matter. What matters is that we have each other, and this is what I know will get us through. There are so many solutions to the most artificial of problems, whether it be world hunger, over-population and so much more. We can truly have a paradise here, and I am convinced of this – we will make this planet the beautiful paradise it always could be.

Humans are not the competitive creatures we have been conditioned to believe. In the book No Contest: The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn, Kohn cites over 400 peer-reviewed studies that prove humans are not naturally competitive. We learn (are conditioned) to operate with this small, small, small box of perception. We naturally care and are cooperative with each other, we naturally love each other. This doesn’t need to be “proven” via analytical diagnosis. How many people actually want to go to war? How many people actually want to kill another human being, one they have never spoken to? Most humans will say they would never do that. A famous example is the Truce of 1914, during World War I. On Christmas Eve, both sides had an unofficial cease-fire and joined one another to sing and exchange gifts. This is what humanity is. Not the lies we have been fed since birth, not this alien system’s perception on us. As Einstein once said,

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Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” – Albert Einstein

German and British troops celebrating Christmas together

German and British troops celebrating Christmas together

Of course the fighting continued after this calm. But why? Because they chose for this to occur. They may have been coerced, but one sergeant cannot physically force a squad – or a general physically force an army.

There is one vital element here that has to happen to ensure this never happens again. And yes YOU do have a choice, YOU do have the power: YOU are the power.

One vital essence that will propel us to places we have never been before -that is spirituality. The definition of spirituality is to see spirits, but I am not implying this definition. What I mean here is accessing our hearts, our scientifically proven levels of higher understanding, compassion and appreciation. Higher levels of intelligence that our brain does not posses, our innate “GPS” that helps us navigate this life. We access this through appreciation, and how do you appreciate? By being in just the right NOW and doing what you KNOW to be right, not just simply “thinking” what is right.

Based upon my own personal experience, once this is fully accessed your life is truly in coherence, and it feels so right. I personally feel very powerful, yet also respectful and humble -tender and strong. All at once, and it is truly beautiful to me. But hold on a minute; what about everyone else?

My journey that has lead me to this place in my life, that has lead me to typing this; that has lead to you reading this, are one in the same. I am not anymore “special” than you and vice versa. We are cut from the same magical cloth so to speak. We all have the equal potential to access this higher state of being, and truly be the change we have dreamed of seeing. Truly live the adventure that life truly is. To make a true impact, and leave behind a legacy of true wonder and magic. Because we all can access this, what happens when we do?

I can only offer my personal experience, you may or may not agree, which is alright. My opinion is that once we truly access our true nature we will dance according to what the “Universe” or what some call “God,” “Allah,” the “Creator” and so many more names beats the drum to. We will cascade amongst each other, in wholesome solitude, not realizing we are forming an infinite tapestry that will propel humanity with the winds of change. True change. I am convinced we will see this in our lifetime, relatively soon. A true r(EVO)lution: where our hearts will guide our spirits to abundance and harmony.

There is a multitude of data that I will not repeat here, that demonstrates our “inner” world constructs our “outer” world. We are extremely powerful and this can be demonstrated by the Placebo Effect, or the Double Slit Experiment with a arsenal of other examples. Just recently it was proven your brain can tone your muscles without any exercise. You can grow your muscles by imagining exercise.

But where am I going with all of this?

I would like to emphasize that we do not need a solid three-dimensional “plan” (not discouraging that either) to get this job done, as many like to bullhorn this is an inside job. Once you start inner work on yourself, accessing your heart’s potential – accessing YOUR potential you will eventually take action based on your newly found perception. This is where your adventure begins. This is where you craft and choose your destiny – this is when you do what you came here to do. If there is one theme I wish to convey is that this life is a mystery. No matter what the preacher says, the rabbi says, the journalist says, the scientist says, the politician says, the “elite” says – what I say. There is no disputing the mystery of this “place” we currently find ourselves in. But there is one thing I do know. Change is coming, it is coming faster than it ever has before. We can all feel this, we all know this is true. That is most likely why you are reading this now. We are activating and fully grabbing life by the reins; and you aren’t the only one who is doing this. Our human family is waking up, to one aspect or another and there is no denying that. What comes after this, is up to us, as cliche and corny as that sounds – it’s the truth. You can join in on the ride if you truly want to. Thanks so much for reading.

I will leave you with this quote, by the late great Bill Hicks,

Folks, it’s time to evolve, That’s why we’re troubled. You know why our institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything’s failing? It’s because, um – they’re no longer relevant. We’re supposed to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that right?” – Bill Hicks

As an added bonus I will leave this famous speech by Bill Hicks:

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