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It’s pretty hard to believe that – in this day in age in various places across the world -two people that love each other may not be able to marry. That’s been the story for couple Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin who live in North Carolina, where up until October of 2014 same sex marriage was illegal. What’s great about this story is that they chose to do it their way, in a 2013 civil ceremony in Maine. Lennie is now 78 years old and Pearl is 89.

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“It’s very scary, that something could happen to Pearl and I could be kept from her,’ Gerber said. ‘They might not let me in the emergency room with her. They might not let me help make decisions. … It would be just horrendous if I wasn’t able to be there with her, holding her hand. I would die if I couldn’t do that.” (source)

Again, it’s hard to believe that today this type of thing (and many others) has to be ‘fought’ for, but progress is being made. History was recently made for marriage-equality proponents in the United States. On October 6th the US Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage in 11 states by deciding not to hear appeals for court rulings that affirmed gay and lesbian couples’ right to marry. You can read more about that here.

I thought it would be a great idea to share this article, hopefully it’s one story that can help push this social issue forward as we move through 2015. This is something everybody should have the right to do, it’s extreme discrimination and no different from racism.

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