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As featured on Huffington Post and TedX, The Street Store is a revolutionary way to help clothe the homeless, by giving us the tools to effortlessly open our own temporary shop.

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In October of 2014, we as a team organized a homeless lunch handout where we put together vegetarian lunch packs for the homeless in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Despite being simple in its nature, the experience ended up being quite the eye-opener for us, as we learned that it’s genuine communication, love and respect -rather than food -that is the hardest for the homeless to come by. (Read more about and watch our experience HERE)

Since that point, homelessness has become a recurring theme here on CE as we are regularly looking to do our part in raising awareness and hopefully putting an end to this global issue.

The newest idea that I only stumbled upon today by chance is The Street Store -the world’s first rent-free, premises-free, pop-up clothing store. Rather than attempt to fully explain it myself, I encourage you to check out this video which takes you through the concept that has already been put into action in several major cities across the world:

It’s Something That We Can All Do

Being on the other side of CE, one thing is clear through all of the private messages, e-mails and comments that we regularly receive: everyone is looking to be a part of creating change on the planet. The most common hiccup holding us back from doing it, is an uncertainty towards how exactly we can do this -we often feel as though we lack the tools or skills necessary to be a part of what we are passionate about.

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What’s great about The Street Store is that it has created the tools for you. Tools that are so easy to follow and use that over 40 groups have already put them into practice in major cities such as: Manchester, Vancouver, Oslo, New Jersey and Las Vegas.

The Chance To Communicate

By offering a shopping experience, The Street Store also gives you -as an organizer -the opportunity to interact with the homeless who come to the shop. As I mentioned earlier, a heartfelt talk filled with respect can go a long way, and is the perfect compliment to some much needed clothing.

To find out more about The Street Store, feel free to visit their Official Website or Facebook Page.

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