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It’s a new year and with that often comes resolutions and ideas of making changes to our lifestyles to live what could be a healthier, happier or more passion filled life. While creating resolutions or simply having the desire to shake things up a bit and try new things is great, we sometimes have a very tough time do it. But why?

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It seems as though we start off so strong. We have great intentions of really changing up our diet, or getting in shape, but after a week or two or three we suddenly feel very unmotivated and unsatisfied in the new routine and fall off.

There are a number of reasons for this and we decided to run through them in one of our newer episodes of ‘These Guys.’ Check it out below!

Main Points Summarized

1. We have an easy time setting goals, but have a tough time making them happens as we find ways to fall off so easily. Our intentions our great but we need to work through breaking our old habits to form new ones.

2. As challenges arise we can get thrown off easily as the original intention behind why we want to make those changes may not be genuine and sustainable. Get in touch with making changes for the love and passion of it vs simply the ego desires or results of it.

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3. When we tap into and connect with the true importance of our health, it’s much easier to want to maintain it than when we are focusing solely on the aesthetics of it maintaining it.

4. We sometimes bite off more than what we can chew. We have ideas of making changes and yet we take on huge amounts all at once and then judge ourselves as we don’t reach certain goals completely.

Solution: Make sustainable lifestyle changes over time that are geared towards a true caring, love and passion for it vs simply materialistic or aesthetic reasons. Avoid judging yourself and your results as you go along. New habits take time to form so stick with them for a little while. Working on shifting our perception or finding limiting belief systems within ourselves about making changes is all part of the process, face those perceptions head on and work through them as best you can.

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