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Celebrities are used to sell so many things these days, both goods and ideas; many literally sign their lives away, and in doing so,  become a walking billboard with tremendous amounts of reach. Unfortunately they have the power to influence large amounts of people on a global scale. What they say and do, how they act, and what they wear become products for public consumption. Fortunately, there are still a few celebrities who go against the grain, choosing to use their influence for the greater good and speaking out about important issues that our planet is facing today.

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One such ethical celebrity is Russel Brand. Over the last few years he has put his voice and reach to good use, in an effort to wake up the masses. From health, consciousness, and environment, to politics and quantum physics, Russel Brand is committed to raising social awareness and lifting the veil off of issues that are rarely discussed in mainstream media.  If you are reading this Russel, thank you and keep up the good work.

In the video below, Russel interviews world renowned quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin at an event put on by actor and director David Lynch. The topic of the event is meditation and the idea of transformation from within.

Russel starts off with the question,why on Earth are you, a quantum physicist, even here on a night where we are talking about transcendental meditation?” 

The first words to come out of Dr. Hagelin’s mouth are:

That should be obvious, quantum physics has basically revealed the fundamental unity of life…..”

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I will let you watch the video so you can finish the quote and find out more.

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