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I do believe that all relationships are just a way to know thyself better. All experiences shared with others direct to yourself. At the end of the day, you only seek your own love, your own approval. The whole point of loving someone is to rekindle the love for yourself.

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When you feel complete within yourself, you attract someone just like yourself. But the journey starts with you. If you try and change your reality first, you are only going to be waiting for your reflection to smile first. Kick start that journey of self love with four simple exercises.

Wake Up With A Hug

Wake up every morning on a thankful note. Hug yourself and give a pat on your shoulder. There is Japanese concept called the ‘ikigai’ – it is a simple reason that you want to wake up everyday, a reason for being. It is said that finding it requires deep soul searching. But I feel, it can be found in simple things. Celebrate your health, your sexuality, your body, your talents, your passions, develop a new relationship with yourself. Thank yourself often and enough.

Forgive Yourself As You Forgive Your Child

Forgive yourself. Take out five minutes everyday and think of all the places where you have faltered and felt guilty or angry with yourself. Send love to your ‘belittled’ self and promise to love and forgive the moment unconditionally. Bring out your inner child. Do not constantly be stern with yourself. Give yourself the liberty to indulge, falter and be naughty. Drop the constant need to know everything and have all the answers. Nobody is perfect and yet everybody is so special. Remember that you might be a drop in the cosmos but you have the entire oceanic creation within you too.

Deep Dive Into Loneliness

We all feel lonely at times. These are great moments for practicing self love. Put your favourite music, brew yourself some herbal tea and do something that you love. You could paint, sing, dance, hop, run, watch your favourite movies or even star gaze. Transmute the energy to create something that you love. Go deep and make the most out of it, just for yourself.

You Are Complete – Live This Reality

Believe that you are complete. There is no person, thing or moment that can complete you. The moment you shift yourself to this frequency, the more likely you are to attract a person and a life that is as complete as you. Enjoy your uniqueness, your voluptuous curves, your scars, your imperfections that make you perfect in every way.
On that note, find your own love story. Write it with love, a streak of adventure and beautiful consciousness.
May you always stay wild, child.

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