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Nature is abundant. Every plant, animal, and element has its natural place and rhythm, and all work cohesively together. We, as human beings, are a part of nature as well. We are designed to be abundant, yet abundance often eludes us: what does it really mean and how do we achieve it?

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What Would It Take For You To Be Abundant?

I used to think that having a well-paid job with a high level of responsibility would bring me happiness. I almost got to where I wanted to be, and I realised it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I felt empty.

It wasn’t until after I left the workforce and created my own business that I realised how warped my view of abundance actually was. I thought it came from outer achievement, assurance of security, and from the acknowledgment of others. Had I not deeply questioned the true meaning of abundance, I would have carried that same mentality into my business.

So I turned my belief on its head and decided to explore the idea that abundance starts from within, which in turn creates outer abundance. Here’s what I learned:

The 3 Myths of Living An Abundant Life

There is only one thing that keeps us from living in abundance: FEAR. Fear lead us to creating limiting beliefs about abundance:

1. Having lots of money and possessions means you are abundant. What abundance looks like from the outside is different for everybody, as it depends on what is really important to you and how it makes you feel.

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2. Becoming abundant is hard work. When we consistently work hard to become something, we are using force, which only creates MORE resistance to abundance.

3. Abundance will give you security for the future. Security is an illusion, it’s something we grasp for when we don’t trust that we will be provided for.

If you could attract whatever you need when you need it, would you really need to have security?

Money Is Only One Form Of Abundance

It’s common for conscious people to believe that it has to be one or the other: either become materialistic or become (to some degree) ‘anti-money’. What is really happening here is the rejection of one form of abundance: money. You can’t experience true abundance if you are making money ‘wrong’. Money is innocent! We have a choice to make money equal to all other forms of abundance – people, nature, possessions – so that we are embracing everything that this life has to offer.

To me, in the most simple terms, abundance is:

Being healthy;

Being surrounded by nature;

Giving and receiving love;

And having an unlimited flow of money in and out of our lives to experience the fullness of everything we deeply desire in life.

You have everything you need to experience a windfall of abundance, you just need to know where to look.

The 3 Keys of Your Abundance Formula

The same things in life do not bring every person happiness, health, and prosperity. Each person has their own unique combination of ingredients, or formula, for abundance. Here’s what makes your formula unique:

1. Your Gifts

Your unique gifts that you were born with allow you to tap into your natural flow of giving; those are the gifts that have a profound impact on the people around you. They show you where to focus your energy to bring the greatest happiness to you and those around you, and in turn open doors to opportunities that you could never imagine. You become known for your special gifts.

2. Your Desires

Your deepest desires – what your soul wants for you, beyond what you ‘think’ you need – indicate the forms of abundance that will bring you the greatest wealth in all areas. Your gifts complement your desires, and give you even more energy and drive to fulfil your destiny.

3. Your Tribe

Your tribe are the people you are destined to connect with because there is a mutual healing and growth from your exchange – they are the people who ‘get’ you and what you’re about. The more people in your tribe that you connect with, the more abundance will flow to you, simply by being part of a constantly evolving network based on giving and receiving. Your tribe then contributes to or becomes the basis of your business or livelihood.

Your soul knows what the world needs now and if you give something that the world needs, you open yourself to receive abundance in all forms – money, people, places, and possessions. If you give your greatest gifts, you will receive the greatest gifts in return.

Your soul wants you to be abundant in all areas of your life – are you listening to your abundance formula?

If you would like to discover your unique abundance formula, you may like to join the Soul Blueprint program, a 3-week group journey of awakening your soul’s calling.

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