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I came across these photos at whydontyoutrythis.com and thought it would be worthwhile to share. It’s always great to look at pictures that give us some food for thought. In the past couple of months we’ve published a few thought provoking articles that are of the same style (with thought provoking pictures):

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The pictures below speak for themselves. Anything that encourages us to question our world, what we do and why we do it is always useful to share. We’ve become so “caught up” in our daily routine, one that has everybody doing the exact same thing that we’ve forgotten about our planet, and what’s really happening to the home of the human race.

We are definitely living in a very special time as more and more people are starting to look at the human race from an observer perspective. Many are questioning the human experience,  and identifying multiple aspects of it that do not resonate with them.

What exactly are we doing here? Why are we doing it?

This is happening on several different levels, one great example is Genetically Modified Foods. With all of the research that’s surfaced, multiple countries have now completely banned them or have severe restrictions on them (because they can be harmful to the environment and human health) and that includes the pesticides that go with them.

It just goes to show what we can do when we all come together, raise our voice and demand change in a peaceful manner. If we all work together as one, we will continue to change our world and begin leading it to a path that resonates with all of us. There is much to change, and we still have a lot of work to do.

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There are better ways to do things here, from the way we generate our energy to how we feed our world. Our potential is limitless and we can create a world where everybody can thrive.

























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