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The idea of what is and isn’t beautiful when it comes to the human body is thrown at us a lot. Pretty well everything in the mainstream media is geared towards it, either obviously through famous figures that they sell as sex symbols, or less obviously through the amounts of make-up that even an evening news anchor will wear to make themselves “camera ready.”

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Even if you personally feel as if you have moved beyond this obsession and are unfazed by it, I encourage you to take an honest look at your own life. When it comes to your own body, how do you truly feel about it? Are there things that you wish you could change? How about when it comes to how you look at others? Even if you are happily beyond the superficial stage with a significant other, who do you find yourself randomly physically attracted to?

We all  buy into this idea of “real beauty” that is being sold to us, to varying degrees. In this week’s episode of These Guys, we explore the obsession we seem to have with real beauty and present an alternative way to look at it and ultimately move beyond it. Check it out:

Summary Of Points:

  • The current Hollywood/Mainstream Media idea of “real beauty” doesn’t even make sense, and has changed over time, showing how crafted it is.
  • It has gotten so obvious that organizations (such as Dove) have built entire campaigns around doing the opposite. But even in those they often still give in to certain “beautiful” expectations (ex. airbrushing).
  • Let your health be the guiding factor in how you look at and treat your body. Make changes to take better care of yourself and feel your best, not to meet a societal expectation.
  • There are a lot of preventable leading causes of death that are avoidable if we work on the relationship that we have with our body and build a love for making it as healthy and capable as possible.
  • Our superficiality with how we look at others is a driving factor in maintaining these ideas of “real beauty.” Change comes from not only working on how we look at ourselves, but also how we look at others.
  • The dating world is driven by this. The popularity of apps such as Tinder is proof of this, which is based almost solely upon physical attraction through pictures.
  • The hunger to be “sexy” is never satisfied. Celebrities that receive so much praise and adoration for their appearance are an example of this, since they are still looking for improvements and changes to be made (ex. Justin Bieber).
  • A lot of what you dislike about yourself and regularly try to hide are not even seen or judged by others as much as your mind may lead you to believe they are.


A new episode of ‘These Guys’ is released every Tuesday morning. To start the series from the beginning click HERE.

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