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Animals are remarkable, and if you’re a dog owner you know how wonderful these creatures are. They teach us unconditional love, and truly, they embody love themselves. There is so much we could learn from them, and animals in general if we took the time to do so. Take a second right now to think about how we treat animals on this planet: it is heart breaking. Animal abuse and mistreatment comprises a huge element of what is wrong in the world and it needs to be corrected.

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There are many opportunities to change a being’s life, whether it be animal or human. We recently published an article showing before and after pictures of (mostly) dogs who had been adopted from a shelter and the difference that love and care made in their lives in just one day. You can read that here. If you are considering adding a new addition to your family in the form of a dog or cat, please consider adoption.

If you are a dog owner you will also know that they possess senses beyond our mortal ken, and most dog owners will tell you the same. These include telepathy, precognition, and something along the lines of what you see in the video below.

In fact, a study was actually published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration examining this subject. You can read that here.

This is nothing short of amazing, and while it might be shocking to some, for anybody who has ever been close to a dog  it’s probably not surprising at all.

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