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Another discovery of something disturbing has been found coming from McDonald’s. At a restaurant in Japan, vinyl (plastic) was discovered in an order of Chicken McNuggets at an Aomori location. The contaminated nuggets were then sent back to the headquarters in Tokyo for an investigation, and some media outlets are reporting that the recall includes millions of nuggets.

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According the the Wall Street Journal, the incident garnered a lot of media attention, as it was reported by media outlets across Japan. (source)

It’s not only the food/unhealthy factor that has people turning away from eating this stuff, it’s the fact that animals are raised to be slaughtered, kept in conditions that should be considered something similar to torture. Billions upon billions of animals are killed every year for food consumption, and that’s not normal.

Not The First Time

It’s not the first time the world has witnessed a major food crisis when it comes to McDonald’s restaurants. It’s hard to know why such a “restaurant” serving this type of “food” even exists, especially when they could endorse healthier practices for the same price – not that they couldn’t afford to spend a little more.

Eating this type of food is detrimental to one’s health, and that is why many countries have completely banned McDonald’s from their country, with Iceland being the latest (to see what Iceland did with their very last McDonald’s meal, click here). Other countries who have banned the restaurant include Bermuda, Yemen, and Kazakhstan, to name a few.

At the end of the day it does, of course, boil down to choice. That being said, this type of “food” is designed and manufactured to be addictive, and should really be compared with any other type of harmful addictive substances that are out there.

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More Information On McDonald’s Food

Since this is an article regarding McDonald’s and their food, I thought it would be appropriate to share this video with you regarding their french fries.

Michael Pollan is a food activist and you can find out more about him and his work by clicking here.

In the video below he illustrates how McDonald’s insists on using Russet Burbank Potatoes, a potato in America that is difficult to grow and takes an unusually long time. They further insist that their potatoes have no blemishes at all, which is hard because these potatoes commonly suffer from what is referred to as Net Necrosis, which causes unwanted spots and lines on the potatoes. If they have this, McDonald’s won’t buy them and the only way to eliminate this is through the use of a pesticide called methamidophos (Monitor) “that is so toxic that the farmers who grow these potatoes in Idaho won’t venture outside and into their fields for five days after they spray.”

When McDonald’s is ready to harvest their potatoes, they have to put them in giant atmospheric-controlled sheds the size of football stadiums because they are not edible for six weeks “They have to off gas all the chemicals in them.”

I’ll let you watch the video for more information. You should have a hard time eating McDonald’s after this, but that’s not a bad thing.

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