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It’s time we start understanding parents instead of lashing out and ridiculing them:

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A recently aired segment on Jimmy Kimmel addressing the issue of vaccination and how a growing number of parents are choosing to opt-out of them seems to be going viral.

The clip shows Jimmy Kimmel using humor to ridicule the “anti-vaccine” movement. It also shows Kimmel using false statements to persuade the masses that vaccines are completely safe, that there is nothing to worry about, that you should vaccinate your child.

I don’t wish to judge Jimmy Kimmel, instead I simply want to offer a different perspective. I don’t know if he believes what he is saying, if he was told by his network to say what he said, or if he even had a choice. I am sure he is a great person. Regardless, what was said and the way it was said were completely out of line and misleading.

One of the statements he made (with a sarcastic tone) was:

“I know you anti-vaccine people are probably not going to take medical advice from a talk show host, and I wouldn’t either, but I would expect you to take medical  advice from almost every doctor in the world.”

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Some questions to ask here, do doctors really know about vaccinations? Have doctors been made to believe that vaccinations are safe because they are presented with research that’s sponsored by the vaccine manufactures themselves? Are doctors aware of all of the ingredients that are put into vaccines? Are doctors simply taught “this drug treats this, or this vaccine treats that,” without ever looking at a wide body of evidence to support what they are told? Are doctors aware of all of the published scientific, peer-reviewed studies that show vaccines are not as safe as they are marketed to be, and that there are several potential dangers associated with them?  You can view some of these studies here.

Secondly, no, not every single doctor in the world supports vaccinations, and not every doctor in the world takes the time to research and actually learn about vaccinations. We have statements from doctors, researchers, and scientists from all over the world who do not believe vaccines are completely safe.  This is something you will never see on mainstream news or television, this side of the coin is completely ignored in the mainstream. That being said, the information is still available in the public domain, and as more and more people do their research, the number of parents choosing to not vaccinate their children will just continue to grow while the influence from mainstream TV to push for vaccinations will match that growth.

Below is another quote from the clip using ridicule to persuade the mind. Everybody seemed to laugh, but there is nothing funny about this issue.

“The thing about doctors is they didn’t learn about the human body from their friend’s Facebook page.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, at the end of the day it’s not really about “pro-vaccination” or “anti-vaccination,” it’s not one “against” the other or about pointing fingers and judgement. It’s simply about looking at all of the information from a neutral standpoint. It’s about asking questions and communicating so people can make the best possible decisions for themselves and their children.

The Science

More links to peer-reviewed, published scientific studies regarding vaccines and the dangers associated with them in this article:

The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Not To Vaccinate Their Children. 

One of the quotes from the doctors in the Kimmel video was that “potential downsides regarding the dangers of vaccination are almost non existent.”

 Again, a completely ignorant and untrue statement with no evidence provided for his claim. Sure, there are many studies outlining the safety of vaccinations, but on the other hand there are many that outline their dangers. If the statement is true, why have so many families been compensated via national vaccine injury programs in multiple countries?

One important point to note is the fact that clinical trials that could address vaccine safety concerns have not been conducted. There are no studies that have been published in these-peer reviewed medical journals examining the health outcomes of vaccinated populations versus unvaccinated populations. It would seem that there is a lack of these controlled trials because vaccines have been assumed to be safe since their inception, which clearly contradicts a lot of scientific data. (1)

Even strong supporters of vaccinations within the scientific community have questioned the scientific legitimacy of “one size fits all” vaccination practices.

For example,  Gregory A. Poland  (Editor in Chief of the journal Vaccine and co-author of “The age-old struggle against the antivaccinationists” [2]) and fellow researchers ask whether “with the advances coming from the new biology of the 21st Century,” it is time to consider “how might new genetic and molecular biology information inform vaccinology practices of the future?” They concluded that the “one-size fits all” approach for all vaccines and all persons should be abandoned.

These are a few links out of hundreds to show why this statement, supposedly made by a doctor, is completely false. What about this doctor, who feels that there will never ever be a safe vaccine?

Another false statement from the clip:

 “The cumulative scientific and medical communities are in absolutely full agreement.”

Again, far from the truth. I recently wrote an article presenting a wealth of information, including a number of studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (not to take away from the crucial work of independent research) that show this statement to be highly questionable.

For more information and links to more sources you can check it out. It’s time we start understanding parents instad of lashing out and ridiculing them:

The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Not To Vaccinate Their Children. 


(1) Tomljenovic, L. and Shaw, C.A. (2011) One-size fits all? Vaccine. 2012; 30(12):2040.9


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