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Terrorism is defined by the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

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Over the last decade we have been fighting a war on the idea of terrorism. The notion of a group of people who wish to do us harm, has inspired the west and its allies to declare an endless battle against these invading boogie men. After more than 10 years of fighting this evasive enemy, we must ask ourselves a serious question. Who are these terrorists?

If terrorism is defined by the use of fear to achieve political means…then has our own government used “terrorism” against us, for their own political agenda?

Watch this video to learn the full story:

Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51


We have seen this situation play out before, in America, where the term “terrorist” was heavily used to strike a sense of urgency and fear into the hearts of the American people. Now we are seeing the same tried tactics being used in Canada.

The Harper government is urging parliament to act quick, sighting the immediate threats facing our nation, and demands the highly controversial bill, known as Bill C-51, to be rushed through parliament. This bill would give (CSIS) The Canadian Security Intelligence Services the power it needs to stop the growing threat of terrorism, at home and abroad. They claim there is no time to debate the bill and based on the current climate of terror, we need to act immediately.

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This line of reasoning is just plain wrong and we’ve seen how erroneous it can be.

Nation Security Vs. Terrorism In the USnational

If we take The United States of America as a case study, we can see whether their approach to terrorism has resulted in any sense of security. The US has invested $1.6 trillion dollars in war since 2001, and $823 billion in homeland security. Although this ridiculous sum of money was meant to lessen the threat of terror, it hasn’t resulted in anything tangible. The people of America traded in some of their rights to privacy with things like the patriot act and the US is still engaged in more conflicts than ever and there appears to be no end in sight.

They were told the Patriot Act was necessary in the fight against terror, and the overall climate of fear allowed them to make that mistake.

Why Would Canada Follow Such A Model?

Looking back on post 9/11 legislation in the United States; we have to ask ourselves, if terrorism is defined by the use of  fear and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims, could the tactics used to push the patriot act, the bailouts and the countless wars be seen as terrorism?

That is to say, are they fighting terror, with terror?

Due to these “fears,” we’ve seen America spend their tax dollars in war, rather than real homeland security. Not on renewable energies, poverty or education, but rather on tanks, drones and bombs. They have allowed fear to enter into their politics and now they are paying for it dearly. They have not made the right choices, and some would argue, it’s because they let themselves be swept up by fear and made decisions based on their emotions.

The Lesson For Canadiansstephen-harper-is-watching-you (1)

If terrorism is defined by the use of fear to gain a political advantage, we should be extremely cautious towards any bill that seeks to take away our freedoms based on the notion of intimidation. The threat of ISIS or any other group should not force Canadians to make hasty and emotional decisions about our rights. To act out of a place of fear, would mean we’d be doomed to repeat the same mistakes as the US.

Many have fought and died to bring you the rights that you hold today and if we allow “terrorism” to affect the politics of our nation… then I am afraid the “terrorists” have won.

What Should We Do?

It is important to know that each and everyone of you have a role to play in the unfolding of our collective future. We must join the debate of C-51 and interject a rational and sensible voice. Freedom doesn’t come at the barrel of a gun, it cannot be gained with drones and bombs. No amount of fear should make Canadians kill innocent women and children in the act of war. We must make it clear to our politicians that we are against the funding of this endless war and we need to start investing that money in real homeland security.

Let us know what real homeland security would mean to you, by leaving a comment below. What would you like to see our tax dollars spent on?


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