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At some point in our lives we’ve all have habits or tendencies that we wanted to move beyond or grow out of, but oftentimes we don’t have the knowhow, or even the awareness, to actually break free of them.

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The idea here is not to focus on these habits being “bad,” and thinking that we have to fix them – or else. Rather, we should recognize that many times these “bad” habits are destructive to ourselves, our friends, and our family, and often keep us stuck and stagnant in our growth. Breaking a habit by thinking about it in a new light can open up your potential as an individual and allow you to see your life or world in a very different light – even breaking free of small habits can have this effect.

This week on our web series “These Guys,” Mark and I go through what “bad” habits are and how we can go about breaking them.

1. Not getting caught up too much on the word “bad”; a bad habit is something that holds you back in life and stops you from growing. It will likely also cause chaos and a lack of flow in your own life, the lives of others, or a team environment you are in. It may be something that causes you to have a lack of balance in life or it may make you mentally, physically, or emotionally unhealthy.

2. Don’t be hard on yourself as you discover the habits that you want to change. Avoid identifying with your habits and claiming that they are “you.” Recognize that it is a process to change habits and it may take some time. Go easy on yourself and support your intention to change.

3. Be honest with yourself. Find the deeper reasons as to why you have or defend your “bad” habits. What is really going on? What are you really feeling? Is it simply a mental construct to break? Or is there an emotion you are protecting or a trigger point you are trying to avoid? Find out why you’re afraid to change the bad habits.

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4. Most of breaking a bad habit all comes down to observation and being open; getting to the root of the issue. It’s about growth and adjusting things in your life for you own growth and joy, even if you don’t see it right away yet.

5. Keep going, have fun, and don’t take it all too seriously!

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