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One of the most common messages that we receive via e-mail and Facebook messenger is of people looking to get involved and to be a part of creating change on the planet. To us, messages like this are exciting because they stand as further proof that more and more people are resonating with the content that we share and are ready to step outside of the box.

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Collaborating initiatives that involve everyone from all over the world can certainly be tricky, but we at CE are now – more than ever – looking to make this possible. What started with the Be Change section on our site has now evolved to include a more conscious effort to involve ourselves with great organizations that we know and trust – something that we are referring to as the #BeChange initiatives.

Back in October of last year we started local and small with a homeless food handout, which ended up being quite the unexpected eye-opener (see why). We are now happy to announce that we have begun our own Charity Water campaign to help bring clean water to those in need.

What Is Charity Water?

Founded by Scott Harrison, Charity Water is an easy-to-use and adaptable platform for individuals and organizations to raise money to help build clean water projects in parts of the world that currently do not have access to clean water.

What truly sets it apart is that 100% of everything that Charity Water raises goes directly to building clean water projects  no middle man taking a cut of the much-needed financial resources. Donators are also given photos, GPS co-ordinates, and e-mail updates showcasing the progress of the water initiative they helped to bring into fruition – giving further peace of mind that the money is being put to good use.

Our Campaign: ‘CE #BeChange: Project H2O’

The goal of our campaign is to raise a minimum of $5000 to help at least some of the 748 million people that currently live without access to clean water. We need your help to hit our goal and we’ve come up with some exciting incentives to make reaching it that much more interactive:

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  • At $1000 —  Joe and Mark of the CE team will film and release a special episode of their YouTube series “These Guys” where, for every view that the episode receives over a 1 week period, CE will donate $0.01 towards the cause (up to a maximum of $1000).
  • At $3000 — We as a team will volunteer our time at a local animal or homeless shelter in Toronto.
  • At $5000 — Everyone on the CE team will give up coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol for an entire month.

In addition to these incentives, when we collectively hit each of the thousand dollar landmarks, CE as an organization will be donating $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500 respectively to the overall goal. To start us off, all 8 of the core CE team members have donated $50 of our own money to give us a $400 head start towards our goal.

How To #BeChange


To find out more about our campaign click on the image above, or check out the following video that we put together to announce the project. Even if you cannot help us achieve our goal financially you can still be a part of the project by sharing the campaign on social media. Let’s come together and make a huge impact!

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