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Margarita took a bag of food wherever she went so she could feed the stray dogs that she encountered. Then one day her health took a turn for the worst, and she passed away. But then something really shocking happened. To her family’s surprise, dozens of dogs showed up at the funeral home where Margarita’s body was being kept. The staff and relatives soon realized what was going on – that the animals were coming to pay their respects to the lady who had shown them kindness, love, and compassion. They decided to let the dogs come inside, and when they did so, the dogs began to lay on the floor in front of Margarita’s coffin.

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On the day of the funeral the dogs amazingly followed the hearse to and from the funeral home and stayed by her side, until her body was eventually cremated.


“In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful,” said Margarita’s daughter, Patricia. She believes that the animals wanted to say a final goodbye to their kind caretaker.

There was also a bird that came to pay his respects as well, another animal that Margarita had fed.

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Is There A Scientific Explanation Behind This?

According to Rupert Sheldrake, many dogs (but not all) share a telepathic connection to their owners and/or caretakers. Do you ever feel amazed when you get home and your dog, cat, or other animal seems to have anticipated your arrival and is waiting at the door?

Skeptics say that this can be easily dismissed, suggesting that the animal has gotten used to the routine of their owners; they know when their owners usually come home from work or other errands, or they see the vehicle pull into the driveway. However, Sheldrake’s studies have done randomized tests, having the owner come home at unusual times and in other vehicles, and the animals still knew.


This could help explain how the stray dogs knew that Margarita had passed and where to find her body. It seems that animals are a lot more intelligent and conscious than people would like to believe! This definitely explains the deep bond between animals and their owners.

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