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Most of us live in a world completely dominated by technology. We never intentionally go anywhere without our cell phones, are always looking for an available WiFi connection, and can spend countless hours each day caught up in the viral internet world. A common innocent victim to this trend is the all-important family dinner – something that I’m incredibly grateful was a nightly staple throughout my childhood.

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In an attempt to help reclaim the family dinner, Dolmio Australia has put together a viral video that showcases just how consumed so many of us have become by technology. With the help of a great device, disguised as a pepper shaker, the company has given a parental figure in each household the power to shut down TVs, WiFi, and mobile devices with one twist.

The reactions truly are priceless, and also offer up some unique social commentary on our relationship with technology – how technologically connected but personally disconnected we’ve become. Check it out:

The intention behind the campaign is to inspire families to once again make time regularly to come together and connect, possibly over dinner, or through some other activity that is not technologically based. Whether you are one of the individuals regularly lost in the technological world, or the one on the outside frustrated by it, there is something to be learned by both parties.

Those that do over-depend on technology can use this video as inspiration to look at their own lives, to observe how much time they currently give away to the technological world, and to make changes in response. Those that don’t can see whether or not they tend to use technology as a tool to distract or occupy others in their lives so that they do not personally have to deal with them.

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What are your thoughts on the viral video? Does it inspire you to look at your own technology-based habits? Let us know via the comment section below.


I also encourage you to check out The No Electronics Day Challenge. For those that aren’t convinced that technology can disconnect us I also suggest you check out the following picture-based article – The Death of Conversation: Photographs That Show How Obsessed We Are With Smartphones

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