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There are over 748 million people in the world currently without access to clean water. This issue is something that most of us have become accustomed to hearing about, particularly when it comes to developing nations. However, since this crisis is starting to become more personally relevant to us, hitting a little bit closer to home – especially in the state of California – more of us have become willing to talk about it and are anxious to see the issue addressed seriously.

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There exist a number of wonderful organizations whose work is dedicated to bringing clean water to those in the world who need it. The Water Project is one of those groups, and with the help of a local Hollywood, California theatre they were able to run a social experiment with a powerful lesson. Check it out:

Due to how easily accessible and affordable water tends to be in most of the Western world, many of us take it for granted. What this social experiment effectively sheds light on is how challenging life becomes when something as essential as water is difficult to access regularly.

Even though a challenging bottle top is nothing in comparison to the struggles experienced by so many in developing countries, it evokes a sense of empathy, especially when followed up by the powerful video.

How We All Can Help

Thankfully there is plenty that we can do to help combat the global water crisis.

Through Charity: Water, another organization similar to The Water Project, we at CE are in the midst of running a campaign where 100% of all proceeds raised go directly to building clean water projects. Since launching the campaign in mid-March we have already raised over $3900 towards our goal, an amount that manages to bring clean water to 130 people in need.

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With approximately 70 days left in our campaign we’d love to continue to build on this number and impact as many people as possible. To learn more about our campaign be sure to click on the following link:


Alternatively, you can also learn more about our campaign, and see who from our team is behind it, by checking out this promotional video that we put together:

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