According to the World Health Organization there are currently over 360 million people (5% of the world’s population) worldwide with disabling hearing loss. For these individuals, including Muharrem, a young deaf man living in Turkey, a world filled with barriers is what they have become accustomed to experiencing.

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Thanks to help from Samsung, members of Muharrem’s community came together to give him a glimpse of the world they hope to help create for him and all others faced with a hearing disability. The now viral video is an emotional watch and has been released in conjunction with Samsung’s Video Call Center, designed to give equal access to the hearing impaired.

Check out what happens when members of a community come together for a wonderful cause:

As awesome as Samsung’s Video Call Center initiative is, what stood out to me more than anything else in this video is the power inherent in collaboration. We live in a world dominated by isolation and technology, where so many of us choose to spend the majority of our lives communicating with just ourselves and a handful of others.

In this reality, I personally believe we are only scratching the surface of our potential as human beings. Together with the rest of the CE Team, I’ve made community involvement a major priority for us moving forward. Through simple past events such as our homeless food handout and free hug stations, we’ve seen firsthand how much can be done when we come together for a good cause.

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I hope that this video inspires you as much as it inspires me to join others and be a part of any initiatives you feel compelled to help. Feel free to share any community giveback initiatives you are either a part of, or would like us to have a look at, via the comment section below.

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