A global march against “chemtrails” and geoengineering is set to take place on April 25th, 2015. It’s a worldwide march similar to the global March Against Monsanto, where millions of people around the world gathered to successfully protest the big biotech giant and Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) over the past couple of years. You can find our more about the march that’s taking place against geo-engineering this weekend here.

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The climate has changed drastically and human activity continues to harm our environment as well as destroy our planet. Despite the fact that solutions are available, we’ve done little to change our ways, but steps in the right direction are  being taken and with more people becoming aware of these solutions and what is occurring in our skies, maybe we can put an end to something that many already believe is happening (geoengineering), and has been for quite some time.

One potential solution to combat global warming that some scientists are proposing is spraying aerosols into the atmosphere to deflect the sun’s rays, which is also known as Solar Radiation Management. It is just one aspect of what is known as geoengineering, which is basically using science to modify the weather. Geoengineering was even used to modify the weather for the 2008 Olympic games. (source)

“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects.” –  World Meteorological Association (source)

Scientists have voiced their concern over current project proposals, which range from health issues to environmental issues and more, because some of the methods being suggested include dumping toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Today. many people believe that spraying is already happening and has been for years.

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“In addition to specific research programs sponsored by Federal agencies, there are other functions related to weather modification which are performed in several places in the executive branch. Various federal advisory panels and committees and their staffs -established to conduct in-depth studies and prepare reports, to provide advice or recommendations, or to coordinate weather modification programs – have been housed and supported within executive departments, agencies, or offices.” (source)

These programs are conducted by the department of defense, which means they remain classified. This is why it’s likely that so many scientists and meteorologists don’t say anything about it. At the same time, all it really takes is observation to recognize what’s going on.

We’ve covered the topic in-depth before, and you can access those articles and read more about this issue here.

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