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Calbuco, a volcano in southern Chile that overlooks the city of puerto Montt erupted this week, the volcano emitted an ash plume that rose to approximately 33,00 feet, that’s 10 kilometers according to a Buenos Aires Observatory.

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“The volcano erupted with little warning, prompting the Chilean Geological Survey and the Chilean Emergency Management Agency to declare a 12-mile (20-kilometer) exclusion zone around the mountain. At least 1,500 people in the area have been evacuated, amid fears of additional lava and the potential for mudflows down the mountain.” – Brian Clark Howard, National Geographic

Authorities have declared a red alert and evacuated thousands of people within a 20km (12 mile) radius.The Calbuco volcano is one of the most active in Chile, but its eruption took officials in the area by surprise.

Big Events Happening Often



For anybody who works with or for the environment, or for anybody who has paid any attention to the environment on a macro or global scale, it’s easy to see how our climate, the environment, natural phenomenon, and Earth changing events (commonly referred to as disasters) continue to occur at record numbers, in a fashion that we’ve never seen before.

It’s nothing to be alarmed about or feel fear or panic about, but from what I’ve seen, it’s a rare thing for us to really pay attention and listen to what our environment is telling us. It’s unfortunate that extreme events and disasters are needed to give humanity a jolt in the right direction, in hopes of possibly changing – Fukushima is one of many examples of events that seem to occur on a daily basis.

Footage is great and serves as a tool to spark the imagination, gaze in awe, to wake up, to see, and to question exactly what it is we are doing here and why it is happening -despite the fact that solutions are available and that we can change. Nature is constantly speaking to us, but we’ve forgotten how to listen. How much more needs to happen before we smarten up, come together, and change our ways? What on earth will it take?

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Earth is a beautiful planet, and whether it’s remarkable footage from space of our planet like this , or the time-lapse video of the volcano you see below, footage like this is always worth sharing, and is always beautiful to look at.

Just imagine living on a planet where we had ourselves together, as a whole. Imagine an existence where everyone is thriving, and everyone has their needs provided to them. This can be a hard concept for many to accept, and a concept many don’t really believe is possible. Have we strayed so far from decency that some cannot even imagine a utopian-like type of existence? From that place of peace and cooperation, just imagine what we could do as a human race, how much more we could explore, how much more we could accomplish and what type of experience we can create for ourselves on this beautiful planet.

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