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Louis CK speaks about human selfishness and our habitual nature of destroying our planet in a way that is not only comical but immensely relatable. Sometimes I think comedy (or even film) is a great way to spread a message, and yet other times I think that if we joke about a thing we are less likely to take it seriously… maybe it depends on the person?

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The example Louis gives of the driver in the car is great! We’ve all seen it happen. The person who just starts pulling their way into traffic in such a way as to say “screw you, I’m doing this and if you don’t like it, too bad.” For many people, it’s one thing to look at another driver, make eye contact, and signal your intent, but it’s another to blatantly ignore everyone and cut in because we selfishly don’t want to have to go forward and turn around. In essence we hold up 100 people just so we can get our way!

The very fact that we have other, easier, and safer options yet don’t take them because we think only of ourselves is odd.

Why Do We Get Mad For No Reason?

On the flip side, it’s funny to think that this kind of behaviour makes us so angry. We’ve all been there, we’ve all made mistakes, and yet when someone asks you to help them correct their mistake we get angry, take their actions personally, and say screw you back. Why do we do this?!!

It seems when it comes to driving we often feel it’s right to just stick it to other people. We take the whole process so seriously and get so mad at the tiniest things. Personally, there’s pretty much not a single thing someone can do to get me mad when I drive, yet I’ve been in the car with the sweetest people ever driving and suddenly out of nowhere they become nuts! All because someone needs to change lanes and they don’t want to let them in.

Getting mad over trivial things doesn’t just happen in the car either, we do this almost everywhere. It’s almost as if we want to find ways to get mad sometimes. Again, why? When you truly reflect on this stuff we begin to see how absurd the human ego can truly be when we don’t have it in check. It can run our emotions and our lives, causing accidents, destroying relationships, and separating us from one another.

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The Absurdity Of Modern Culture

Then he gets into the absurdity of our modern culture. He says it so clearly: “If we come from earth and belong here, why are we so uncomfortable here?” When you take a look at the relationship we have with nature, it is clear it is not a comfortable one. We change things or we destroy them to suit our own purposes, rather than working with what’s already there. We fight against the current of the earth rather than letting it guide us.

I’ll let Louis CK do the rest from here, but my last point is, recognize the truth behind what he’s saying and internalize his message. Is there anything we can change within ourselves after hearing this? Are there new choices we can make?

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