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We all know it by now, but on April 25th, 2015 the beautiful nation of Nepal was struck with a powerful earthquake that boasted a moment magnitude of 7.8. The strike itself was the most powerful to strike Nepal since 1934 and the death toll has now exceeded 6,000.

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Upon hearing about the earthquake, we at CE immediately began to look into the best ways for us to provide help and support to those in need. Much like our Charity Water campaign, we wanted to ensure that any cause we support or promote is one that we and you can trust to directly deliver the aid we provide.

We were happy to find out that the wonderful group at Aura Freedom had already established a reliable channel for providing aid to those facing hardship in Nepal. We at CE are good friends with the founder of Aura Freedom, Marissa Kokkoros, a devoted humanitarian who with the help of her team has already impacted the lives of many worldwide.

Shortly after the earthquake struck, Marissa reached out to the Aura Freedom community with the following heartfelt message:

Dear Aura Freedom family,

As you know, the beautiful country of Nepal is home to our work, projects, partners, friends and beneficiaries. It is our second home and this has been a very difficult time for us.

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 The earthquake has devastated Nepal, a country that already struggles with extreme poverty, human rights atrocities and rampant gender-based violence.

We have set up a relief fund to go to our Survivors, beneficiaries and other women and girls in need. You can donate online at:

Food, water and shelter is scarce. Medical staff from around the world are strained and overworked.

Moreover, during times of emergency, girls are even more vulnerable to abuse and trafficking and we have been strategizing with our agents on the ground as to how to keep them safe. We are working around the clock.

I am extending a personal plea to give whatever you can, no matter what amount it is, as every bit counts. We have our skilled and trusted people on the ground to make sure your money goes to the people who need it the most.

Thank you for your generosity. Only together can we help Nepal.

How Aura Freedom Directly Helps Those In Need

Aura Freedom has an existing relationship with several agents/ partner organizations stationed in Nepal, which are already on the ground providing help and support. The relief work being provided is an Aura Freedom project and the partners in place are their direct staff.

One partner is currently providing relief to a very remote village in the Dhading District which has been completely destroyed by the quake, meaning that Aura Freedom is actively working to help out more than those who have been affected in the bigger and more publicized Kathmandu Valley.

Everyone involved in Aura Freedom’s partner organizations have been vocationally called to this work – they are not doing this to further their career. The aid that Aura Freedom is providing includes, but is not limited to: food, water, tents, sanitation supplies, mosquito nets, and shelter for young girls on the street that are vulnerable to rape or trafficking

How You Can Help

The easiest way to help is to donate using the Aura Freedom Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Donation Page. To help extend the impact of your donation the Government of Canada has agreed to match all donations that Aura Freedom receives towards the relief fund. Click on the following image to be brought to their donation page:


If you aren’t in a financial position to provide aid, you can still help by sharing this article with your social network. Every share brings us one step closer to connecting with other people who can donate and help those in need.

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