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The popular organic grocery chain Whole Foods has announced that they will be opening up another chain with a markedly lower price point than their current set of stores, which are often jokingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck.” This is some very exciting news for health food enthusiasts of all ages and income levels, but particularly for young people, students, and shoppers on a budget.

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The company says that they will have a more “curated” selection of products and a simpler design and store layout that would appeal to people who want the quality of organic foods without the “Whole Foods Prices.” Co-CEO of Whole Foods, Walter Robb, says that the company has already started building a team to work solely on this project and negotiating leases for the building of the new chain, whose name has yet to be disclosed.

In a statement Robb said:

“It will deliver a convenient, transparent, and values-oriented experience geared towards millennial shoppers while appealing to anyone looking for high-quality fresh food at a great price. We believe the growth potential for this new and complementary brand to be as great as it is for our highly successful Whole Foods market brand.”

More details would be announced in September, he added.

Like me, you are probably wondering what kind of grocery items will be offered at this cheaper store. Will it be cheaper, lower quality products? Or will it be the same food, but a different store type which allows for the grocery items to be cheaper? Will these be opening in Canada as well, I hope so! I guess we will have to wait until September when more details are announced.

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This Is Great News!

Whole Foods has been doing very well since it first opened in 1980, even with their high prices. It seems now that they are reaching out to a whole other market and are going to make it easier for more people to afford good, clean, healthy food! There truly is a higher demand from consumers these days for healthier food, otherwise this company would not even consider investing in this new chain. If you are concerned with the prices of organic foods, the best way to bring that cost down is to purchase them. It’s all about supply and demand – if people stop supporting genetically modified, pesticide laden produce then companies will naturally have to evolve, or go bankrupt. Vote with your dollars. You do have a say in the type of world you want to live in.

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