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It was nearly a month ago that we first heard about Tommy Kleyn, the Dutch man who grew tired of passing a heavily polluted riverbank on his way to work every day. Rather than passively accepting this unfortunate situation, Tommy took the matter into his own hands, gradually cleaning the riverbank over the course of six days.

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While Tommy’s actions themselves are incredible, the ripple effect they have had is even more astounding. What started as a small local endeavour, aided by a few fellow community members, expanded globally as Tommy’s efforts went viral, sparking a global challenge.

The challenge, as Tommy himself put it, is “…to motivate people to fill one garbage bag with litter each year. It only takes 30 minutes, it really makes a difference and you will be amazed about how good you feel afterwards.”

It certainly sounds simple enough, and we at the CE team were happy to take part. In hopes of helping to be change in our community and to further inspire others to do the same in theirs, our core team took to our local parks to do our own 30-minute cleanup.

From Joe and Rajie cleaning up the Mill Street Ravine in Richmond Hill, Ontario all the way out West to where Jeff cleaned up parts of Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, British Columbia, we picked up plenty of trash that had found itself in places that it never belonged.

The funny thing about trash is, we have the means to manufacture everything so it is completely safe, biodegradable and even healthy for the environment.

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We Challenge You

We now challenge all of you to do your own garbage cleanup. It’s a simple way to help make an impact in your community, and it  can also inspire others to not only contribute to the effort but also be more mindful about littering in the first place.

Through his Facebook page, Tommy has accumulated over 5,000 likes, many of which are from inspired individuals who decided to take on his challenge themselves. Let’s keep the momentum of this initiative going! Be sure to share any of your own experiences in the comment section below and don’t be afraid to pass on this challenge to your own social network.

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