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When the earthquake hit Nepal we not only wanted to find a way to help out, we wanted a way to ensure that the help we were enlisting was trustworthy. Then we met Craig Mitchell, and heard about what he was doing… and it was amazing.

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One person can truly make a difference, and Craig is a great example of that.

When it comes to disaster relief, there are a lot things to consider when donating money to major charitable organisations. A lot of funds are mismanaged and misappropriated, and our dollars don’t always go where we mean them to. A great example of this is what happened with the Red Cross and the major earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. You can read more about that story HERE.

If you want to help the people in Nepal who have been affected by the massive quake, and feel 100 percent confident that your money is actually going towards helping people, please donate here:

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