In Recife, Brazil 35% of the population lives in poverty, a staggering number that becomes even more heartbreaking when you discover that a large number of these individuals are children.

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We’ve all seen and have been approached by countless groups and organizations aimed at eradicating poverty through our financial contributions. These donations are usually transformed into necessary resources, which of course are helpful, but given that the issues continue to persist, seem unable to get to the core of the issue.

Earlier this year we launched a campaign through Charity Water which successfully raised over $4,500 to help build a water infrastructure that truly gets to the heart of a major issue. I’m happy to share with you another campaign that I believe is taking a very powerful and unique approach to eradicating poverty.

Rather than simply providing aid, the group behind Eyes Of The Street is choosing to empower the impoverished youth of the world by teaching them photography. You can find out all the details to their campaign and project in this video:

Photography is an art form that, given their circumstances, these children would never have the opportunity to explore without this incredible initiative. Not only does it develop a skill set that can help them move beyond the struggles of their current life, but it allows them to document their daily struggle. It gives us an inside perspective into the lives of the less fortunate, from their own view, rather than through a sanctioned charitable organization which is far more likely to draw them out of their element.

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By seeing their struggle firsthand we can better understand the issues involved, and hopefully better identify and put into place the solutions necessary to create strong and lasting communities all over the world. As the campaign’s mission so powerfully states:

Eyes of the Street aims to be a catalyst for change in communities affected by poverty and exclusion by unleashing their innovative potential.

To learn more about the project and campaign, and to even meet some of the children that will take part in the initiative, I encourage you all to check out the full Indiegogo campaign at the following link:


Support the initiative if you can, and at the very least be sure to share it with anyone that you think may be in a position to help out.

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