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The American Dream is something that a great number of us, whether intentionally or not, are striving for. We want to live in a sizeable house with the perfect husband or wife (and that Bugatti in the driveway). Even if that doesn’t necessary describe your version of the American Dream, we all want to be comfortable – understandably so – and comfort for the most part is something that we feel comes with substantial ownership.

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One-time professional snowboarder Mike Basich once attained this dream, making on average $170,000 year doing what he loves. However, when he got there he realized that the so-called dream isn’t all that it is hyped up to be. Now over 15 years removed from his pro snowboarding career, Mike has found happiness in a life that, on paper, is far less impressive.

Mike is the proud owner of a 228-square foot tiny home that is completely off-grid, nestled amongst the beauty and nature of Soda Springs, California. Mike’s home was recently featured on Seeker Stories, and is more than worth checking out:

What Inspires You?

One particular part that stood out to me within this video was when Mike stated that nature inspired him in life. Operating out of our passions is something that I personally feel not enough of us do in this world, yet can be the key to turning around our mood and our attitudes towards life.

Even though taking photographs of himself while snowboarding doesn’t seem nearly as glamorous as participating in international competitions, Mike has clearly found greater happiness through it. I encourage you all to use Mike’s story as inspiration to take some time and identify what it is that you are passionate about in this world. Explore those passions regularly, and you may just be surprised by how much of an impact it has on your entire life.

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What are your thoughts on Mike’s house? Would you ever be able to live off grid in a tiny home? Let us know via the comment section below.

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