I have to admit, when I first saw Brand’s humour back in the day I wasn’t a fan, and even to this day he’s not really my cup of tea. But his transformation as a person has been amazing to watch and I respect him deeply for using his popularity to share important messages with people of the world. This latest video of his experience visiting an Indian slum is another great example of his consciousness.

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He draws attention to “a higher code,” or a deeper understanding humans have beyond all the identities the ego latches onto. He speaks humbly about how even his desire to buy sweets for the children of the slum was still in some way derived from ego, and other similar realizations. These are powerful lessons that we would all benefit from hearing and engaging with on a daily basis.

The other day I posted a message on my FB profile about politics and my thoughts on voting. Most people totally resonated with the message, but a few challenged me, saying that by not voting or by not using the political system, we are ensuring that change won’t happen. I will admit this did catch me by surprise a little bit, as I don’t understand how anyone could think that change can’t be made outside the political system. I mean, almost ALL change begins grassroots and on the ground first. It is rarely made a reality by political action, and if it is, it’s usually because people on the ground made the idea popular.

I believe that in the case of Russell Brand, for example, he is sharing an important message with people here. One of the key things I brought up in that Facebook status was the fact that I have yet to see a politician who I think represents me. Furthermore, I have yet to see a politician speak as honestly, simply, and lovingly as Brand does in this video. He is giving people a different perspective. He is speaking about something beyond creed, religion, patriotism, or race. Why do politicians not do this? How can we expect to change anything when, for the most part, we’re not truly engaging with these issues?

I think we are in dire need of true leaders in this world: people who speak from the heart, who don’t have a cunning agenda, and who are willing to talk about more than surface level issues. We need a revolution in the way we think and feel about the world, each other, and our way of life. Influential people, including politicians, need to begin showing people a different world –  one of possibility, connection, and mutual respect.

What if the world was different? What if conversation was different? What if the news was different, or the political realm? What if we talked about things the way Brand does in this video? What if these issues were discussed on the news and made popular? Would we still be such a mess?

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