Joe Rogan Drops Incredible Knowledge About Women & Relationships

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Many of us know Joe Rogan from hosting UFC or Fear Factor, and in those lights we see him as a regular guy who’s into fighting and crazy challenges. But many of us don’t realize how switched on this guy really is unless we follow him closely.

Joe Rogan runs an extremely popular podcast called “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where he has enlightening conversations with guests about anything ranging from cool lifestyle hacks to consciousness. You can check out his podcast if you are interested in hearing more.

I’ll admit that for a while I found Joe’s approach to some topics to be a little aggressive for my taste, and found that maybe the way he spoke about certain things could ruffle feathers a bit, but so could pretty much anything you say these days, especially on the internet. Over time my respect for Joe and his message has grown as I listen more deeply and hear the enlightening things he shares.

I stumbled across a pretty powerful snippet from one of his podcasts where he discusses women and relationships from the perspective of a man. He also gets into how we view each other and become attracted to each other when we are in relationship-seeking mode. He drops a lot of clear and solid knowledge on the topic that I think if many heard and internalized, would change the face of not only dating but also relationships.

Check out the clip here:

One thing I think we really need to adjust in our culture is our obsession with physical appearance. You hear it all the time: “It’s just play for me,” “I have to look good to feel good,” “I’m expressing myself,” and so forth. While I think there are some cases where these statements can be true when it comes to our appearance, I also feel they come with a healthy dose of self-consciousness and ego attached. But you can’t blame anyone. It’s a tough emotional battle given how much our world puts pressure on our egos to “look good.” I think the key is realizing that while the pressure is there, it’s up to us to accept it. The moment we accept it is the moment we make it real.

I’ve always been a big supporter of changing the way we view appearance and encouraging people not to play into the “pressures” our society may put on us. I’ve written a number of articles on the issue and each time you see comments of support about accepting ourselves, realizing we are beautiful no matter what and that our appearance is simply an ego game. But how do we really internalize and begin living by this? How do we truly get to that point where it is play, where it is expression, and not about what others will think or whether or not we feel good because of how we look? That’s the tough part and that’s where it’s up to each person.

I think it can start with little things like being honest with yourself about how important your appearance is to you. Are you spending a lot of time and energy each day on your appearance? If so, why? Ask yourself the questions and answer them honestly. Do you find yourself thinking “people may not like this” or “I want people to find me hot, or sexy, or attractive?”

Each time we have these thoughts and act upon them we are training our brain and neurons to think that these illusions are real, and emotional responses will show up each time. But when we have these thoughts and, instead of letting them take over we simply let them pass, that non-reaction starts to tell our brains and hearts something different. Over time, our desire to engage our thoughts of self-consciousness or ideas of how we must look starts to diminish, and instead of doing things for the reasons of ego, we have the freedom to play. You’ll know the difference when you notice there is no attachment or emotion towards why you are doing what you are doing when it comes to your appearance.

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  1. johnnyc3po

    Eh, at 31, i’ve resigned myself to just using the internet for personal needs. For relationship needs, I plan on getting a dog in the fall for companionship.


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Published: Feb 10, 2016

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