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For most restaurant owners in the city of Baltimore, Restaurant Week (July 20-25th) marks a key opportunity to regain lost business after a period of civil unrest. For those that aren’t familiar with what happened, a series of civilian protests broke out in the city, leading to a heavily enforced curfew throughout a large portion of April and May.

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Despite suffering the same losses as every other restauranteur in the city, Michael Tabrizi, owner of Tabrizi’s Restaurant, is using Restaurant Week in a refreshing way. Rather than electing to cash in on the potential increase in customer traffic, Michael is opening his restaurant privately to the city’s homeless.

A true humanitarian, Michael genuinely wants to give back to the less fortunate in the city who he loves so dearly. Michael told Baltimore Magazine:

“These people don’t only suffer from hunger, but also from hopelessness, they feel that they don’t have any dignity anymore… We want them to come in and feel like they’re cared for.”

While the menu is still yet to be fully confirmed, the preliminary plan outlines quite the fine dining experience, a polarity to what the less fortunate are used to, but certainly deserve.

Over the 5 days, meals will be served at 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM daily, enabling the restaurant to feed and make an impact on a large number of people in need. Michael has also sought out the assistance of the Baltimore Area Concierge Association to assist with providing transit to and from the restaurant as well as service help on the premises.

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Having personally been to Baltimore several years ago, I can genuinely say that it (surprisingly to me) established itself as one of my favourite American cities. In addition to its beautiful waterfront, the city had a particular warmth and friendly vibe that both I and my cousin truly enjoyed. It’s great to see such a wonderful initiative being planned in the city, especially given the occurrences of recent months.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Baltimore Magazine


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