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Earlier this week, myself and several other members of the CE team were able to visit a local animal sanctuary, where we met Phoenix, a piglet we are sponsoring for a year. The sanctuary is a truly magical place that has given and continues to give dozens of animals a second chance at life – this time around, one filled with love, care, and attention.

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It’s those same three words that are at the core of House With A Heart (HWAH), the dog retirement home established and run by Sher Polvinale in Gaithersburg, Maryland. While a dog retirement home may sound odd to some, the concept behind it is truly incredible, and the number of dogs that have benefited from it is something to behold. Courtesy of the team over at National Geographic, we have an inside look at the place that has given so many older dogs the final years that they deserve. Check it out:

According to the Pet Sanctuary’s website, HWAH opened its doors in 2006, and thanks to the help of now over 55 volunteers since its inception, it has become the final home to many dogs in need. I was personally blown away, not only by the concept itself, but by the amount of love and care that Sher and her team give to each unique dog that joins their family.

As the video clearly shows, each and every dog that calls the sanctuary home is given the best possible care, and afforded a loving environment to live out the final stages of their life in a humane way.

I know that we over at CE are also eager to share the story of Brenda Bronfman, the wonderful woman behind the animal sanctuary we visited, so stay tuned to our YouTube channel to meet her soon!

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