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In a world overrun by technology, regular use of a public playground is becoming a very rare sight. Kids, at increasingly younger ages, find themselves glued to iPhones, iPads, video game systems, computer monitors, and television screens rather than to the monkey bars at their local park.

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But what about the generation that never had technology as an option throughout their childhood and teenage years? What about those who connected with one another in person rather than online in 140 characters or less? Would they not still see the value and enjoyment in a public playground?

Developers in Spain seem to think so, as they have built a number of public playgrounds featuring stations and equipment suitable for people of all ages. The elderly and children alike can both be active on the outdoor equipment, helping them to stay healthy and to turn away from technology.

Check out this video to see the playground in action and to also hear feedback from some of the seniors that have made it a part of their regular life:

Shattering Expectations

When asked to describe how we imagine a senior citizen using a public playground, most of us would find ourselves inclined to envision them comfortably seated on a bench. However, thanks to this inclusive new playground design, the elderly are being given the opportunity to shatter that expectation and show us an entirely different side to their physical life.

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For most, staying physically active becomes increasingly difficult with age. What’s great about this new playground design is that it manages to merge social interaction with physical activity and accessibility, making staying fit at an older age a little bit easier for those who choose to use it.

I personally am a big fan of this senior citizen-friendly playground. What are your thoughts on it? If there was one in your local community do you think it would get regular use? Let us know via the comment section below.

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