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Why is this image so disturbing? Because it illustrates exactly how the majority of our government, major corporations and general population thinks when it comes to challenges in our world. Yes, sometimes we have opinions about issues going on and we “want” to fix them, but what do we do other than sit on our couches and complain about it?

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Awareness is a great first step, and recognizing a challenge we face, whether big or small, is also an early step in figuring out how to move beyond the challenge, but most of the time if we do not feel the challenge is right on our front door, literally, we simply watch and move on.

Missing Connection?

The other clear way of thinking seems to be that we simply don’t think helping someone or some nation that is struggling is worth our time and resources. Yes, at times we donate or throw sums of money at disasters that happen but we don’t typically help out with long term solutions even in areas of our own countries when help is clearly needed. Or better yet, when things in those areas are happening to the point where it will eventually affect us, we still don’t help. Whether that be environmental degradation, war, poor food production, etc…

The reality is we have lost our ability to look at one another as human beings, just like we are. All we see is countries and borders. People who are not US, who are not part of what we’re doing in our little bubble. That goes all the way down to the micro examples of even how we live and work in our own neighbourhoods. “It’s not MY problem” has become a common and destructive meme of our time.

We can see a struggling individual in another country and say “oh that’s awful I can’t believe that’s happening” and then turn around and just keep watching American Idol or doing what we’re doing. It isn’t to say it’s 100% our responsibility to help with worldly challenges but we seem to like to ignore them and pretend someone else will take care of it.

The image below so clearly illustrates exactly what is happening in our world. We sit back and relax, watching people struggle, watching our system collapse, watching as things get messy being happy that it hasn’t happened here. We don’t realize that we are watching the same ship we are on sink, we simply can’t see far enough to realize it’s happening to us too.

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We Are Connected

When we are destroying the environment continents away it is affecting the same planet we live on. Why don’t we realize the dire nature of that? We see massive companies and corporations doing things that are causing serious harm to our world and yet we continue to buy and support their products in huge numbers because we are either addicted to them or because we feel so empty inside that we must continue to consume.

The blame here is not on each of us in the sense that we are doing anything wrong, it’s more so the fact that when we internalize this we now can look at our behaviour and adjust. It’s true, our culture has taught us to be this way and you can’t really blame people when that’s how things have been for so long. But there comes a point when perspectives start to change, and we start to see what we’re doing. If  at that point we don’t change, it becomes our fault -because we know better.

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