The world may not be fully embracing the whole “conscious/spiritual movement” quite yet, but if there are two things which the majority seem to be accepting with open arms, it’s yoga and meditation. We may not all be practising them regularly, but the thought of doing so has certainly at least crossed most of our minds.

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While yoga may be legitimately put off for physical reasons, the most common excuse given for avoidance of meditation is a lack of time. We hear story after story about how meditation has transformed the lives of so many people, but are then scared off by the months or years of commitment we think are required to achieve a similar transformation.

As a big fan of meditation myself, and having experienced the impact it has on mental clarity and well-being, I’m excited to share with you a meditation that can solve your time dilemma. Introducing, the One-Moment Meditation, a powerful and compact meditation technique developed by Martin Boroson. Check it out:

I personally began meditating in 2010 and have managed to keep it a consistent part of my life by regularly switching between techniques and guides. Having such an efficient meditation tool to add to my repertoire excites me, especially for those instances when I find myself in an awkward setting or short on time.

Another aspect I particularly enjoy about this technique is that the progressional goal is to reduce the amount of time spent doing it, rather than increase it. The core teaching of valuing and becoming present in the moment is one that has always sat well with me, ever since I first came across it through the work of Eckhart Tolle.

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I encourage you all to at least try out the One-Moment Meditation, and to be sure to share it with anyone else you know who is considering meditation but claims not to have the time for it.


For more information on Martin Boroson or training in One-Moment Meditation be sure to check out his website or following him on Twitter. You can also learn more about the technique in book format by purchasing it on Amazon.

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