Brice Royer has been battling stomach cancer for quite some time, but in a most unconventional manner. Rather than wallowing in the hardship of his condition, Brice has turned his situation into an opportunity to connect with and inspire others – while simultaneously uplifting himself.

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To date, Brice is most famously known for his Craigslist Ad which sold unconditional love for the unbeatable price of $0, and as a result garnered over 1 million hits and a bevy of media attention. Now further along in his battle, Brice is at a stage where he requires an MRI to properly understand the state of his condition and to make appropriate decisions regarding his diet and lifestyle.

The challenge: Brice has been told that there is a 6 month waitlist for him to receive an MRI, something that his doctor explains is quite common due to underfunding.

“I was told 4 months for my last MRI, but I was lucky and got it early on a cancelation, but in Ontario my friend had to wait a year for one. ” – Ilana W., Vancouver

“It is not right to force Canadians to wait two or three times longer for necessary medical care than citizens of other countries that also have universal publicly funded health systems.” “Too many Canadians face long wait times for health services. …[With regards to cuts to hospital services] — between 1988 and 2002 there were 64,000 hospital beds cut.” – CBC News

In hopes of getting to the bottom of this issue, Brice is inviting Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, along with several other prominent Canadian political figures, over for lunch. To help spread awareness of this intention, Brice has created a YouCaring campaign where all funds raised will be used to create the lunch, with all excess donations going to underfunded hospitals.

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Brice himself has stated this as the main intention behind this campaign:

“In the end, I’d like to give Harper, and all leaders, unconditional love and kindness. Just like everyone else. People may not always agree on every issue, but we can still love each other. “

To check out the campaign and to support it click on the following image:


To date, Brice has already made substantial headway, with some political parties already completely on board and others in the process of getting the campaign in front of key decision makers. To follow Brice’s progress fully I also suggest you check out and like his Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on wait times within healthcare? If you’re not from Canada let us know what your experience is like where you are via the comment section below.

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