What is privilege? Do you feel privileged in your life? Were you raised in a privileged family and able to attend a decent school? Do you recognize whether you are privileged or not? To some this term can simply mean being raised in a Westernized country and having immediate access to running water and food. Many of us completely overlook the fact that, simply owing to the place of our birth, we may have way more opportunity than those born in less developed countries.

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But what about the people who were born within the more privileged countries? Are some more privileged than others? Do race, social status, age, sexual orientation, and the area we live in determine whether we have more privilege?

The video below uses a simple exercise to illustrate how much further ahead you can get in life if you come from a more privileged background. It also shows how these simple things that many of us take for granted every day are not available to many other people around the world.

What Is Privilege?

This is an awesome representation of how much and how little some people have. At the very least I think it will make you feel grateful for what you do have and maybe generate some compassion for those who grew up with less.

Much Love

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