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We all seem to battle self-esteem issues at one point or another in our lives. For  some, it is merely a minor, occasional annoyance, but for many, it can become a source of real torment, leading to a number of serious psychological disorders.

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Despite self-esteem issues being quite common, many of us tend to feel alone when we experience them, as if there is no way that anyone else could ever truly understand what we are going through. To help shed light on this issue, a woman named Jae West, who has battled with self-esteem issues and an eating disorder herself, decided to make a very powerful statement.

Jae took to the streets of Piccadilly Circus in London, where she removed her clothes, leaned a thought-provoking sign against her body, and blindfolded herself. Check it out:

One element that I particularly love about this form of activism is how utterly impossible it is to ignore. There is no doubt that we live in a world where the human body, especially that of a woman, has been overly sexualized to the point that we can’t help but stare. Jae’s use of that instinctual reaction to not only draw attention to a serious issue, but also to create an interactive and connective experience, is both powerful and refreshing.

As much as the exposing of her body may have been a factor in getting the public’s attention, it quickly shifts to become a symbol of something we commonly experience.

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I’m sure that we can all agree that Jae is a beautiful woman, and to see that even she has struggled with self-esteem issues shows you how nonsensical so much of our negative internal messaging can be. Rather than always picking on yourself or a particular part of your body, let Jae’s form of activism inspire you to change the recording in your head and send your body some love for once.

We are all unique and beautiful in our own way, and whether or not we match the superficial standards of beauty that the world seems to obsess over, we all deserve to feel that way.

To read more about Jae’s story I encourage you all to read her BLOG about the experience.

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