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L-Glutathione is the master molecule that should be present in our bodies and minds. Over 75,000 research papers and medical articles (1) have been published documenting this precious antioxidant, which our bodies produce on their own. Well, healthy bodies, that is.

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L-glutathione and its composite parts, Glutamate, L-cysteine, and L-glycine, are known to expunge free radicals.(2)

Free radicals are oxygen atoms that have lost an electron, or ability to charge. They then go scavenging, seeking a host to feed off of, and that host happens to be us.  This is how oxidation occurs and precisely how iron turns to rust.

This is the second law of thermodynamics. (3) Like mountains to dust. Fortify your mountain.

These free radicals are produced when the body is subjected to toxins from frying our meals in any oil (4), modified fake food-like substances and chemicals, pollution of all sorts, and other stressors, etc.

L-glutathione is numero uno for detoxifying our systems, and it’s important to note that it will regenerate itself when enough selenium is present. They work in tandem and extremely well together, so say numerous experts, like Dr. Joel Wallach. Anyone and everyone that truly knows, from well informed nutritionists and holistic doctors, to enlightened pharmacists and scientists, realizes the power of this gift. It is the sulfur content within L-glutathione that is known to be sacred – the same sulfur that is found in mineral-rich salts and in watermelon.

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Sulfur is known to be viscous or sticky, and this is precisely the way it escorts toxins out of the body. The body has incredible wisdom and regenerative powers when treated with the respect it deserves. Unfortunately, those that are the most ill among us tend to have the lowest levels of this incredible molecule. (5)

L-glutathione should, and I emphasize should, be abundant in organic melons, particularly watermelons. Other foods that should be highly replete with L-Glutathione/Sulphur are garlic, onions, avocados, tomatoes, and cruciferous vegetables (all organic or thoughtfully grown, such as at some farmer’s markets and vegetable stands).

Absolute super-foods, I would bet my life on them. In fact I already have, and something certainly is working, since I feel better and stronger every day. And this change is possible for everyone once such simple (yet somehow elusive) information is utilized.

It’s strange how difficult this kind of information can be to access, thanks to the large and supposedly all-knowing oracles, such as the new dictionaries and search engines, which laughably label sulfur as merely a chemical and imply that it only makes paper and gunpowder. Oh, and also that it smells. Yes, really nasty stuff that sulfur. (6)

Not a peep or sentence about the tremendous health benefits sulfur has to offer.

Dictionaries have a history, (his-story/ her-story) as well.

They must have missed the 75,000 plus articles and published papers regarding the blessing of such a crucial nutrient.

“Maybe we are getting the wrong advice from people, maybe we are missing something.” -Peter Attia MD., Ph.D., engineer, athlete

We need to wake up, see through the distractions of mainstream media, and get over our own apathy if we are to flourish as a people. It is a magnificent time to be alive right now, unfathomable momentous changes to the Natural Order of Things are known to be occurring at this very moment, yet seemingly being missed by the vast majority of people.

Change your scenery, change your life.

If you have never heard anything like this before, perhaps it is time to change your surroundings and change your information sources.




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