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I have always been bothered by the concept of old age. I understand that aging is natural, but even as a child I would openly state my intentions to keep myself in the best shape possible to maximize my chances of being able to live an active life well through my golden years.

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With this goal in mind, I was happy to stumble upon the story of Edna Mitchell, an 87-year-old Emergency Medical Technician at the Liberty, Maine Fire Department. Edna completed her certification in 1978 and has redefined “Freedom 55” ever since, working as a dedicated volunteer who is touching the lives of dozens of people annually.

What I particularly love about Edna’s story is the fact that she is working out of a passion to help people and not because of financial necessity. Check out her heartwarming and inspirational story:

Edna’s commitment to not only the community, but to her own health and fitness is incredibly inspiring. I recently wrote an article on how Spain has built a number of playgrounds specifically designed for the elderly, and to see Edna applying an active life without such a structure is flat out impressive.

We all have the power to make a difference in this world at any age, and can hopefully use Edna’s story as motivation to shatter any excuses that our minds may come up with. I truly believe that the less we empower thoughts surrounding laziness, aging, and fatigue, the more capable we become to defy a lot of the limitations so many of us suffer from.

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No matter what age you are, what are your thoughts on the aging process? Does Edna’s story inspire you in any way? Let us know via the comments below!

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